Sunday, April 3, 2011


This blog is not only for my friends and family (and class), but its also a memory holder for me. I could tell you how amazing Cinqueterre is with the skinny, tall bright houses, the rocky, pebbley beaches, and the pesto and seafood everywhere. Instead here are some of my memories:

-going on trains without getting tickets
-trespassing to steal a lemon which was peeled and eating it whole
stealing aloe vera from residences
-trying to hitchhike
-running to the train
-jumping off the train when we realized its the wrong one
-zucca di frutta for free
-"what do I have to do to get a piece of birthday cake"
-free cookies
-the ferry taking a detour to see dolphins
-my camera dying and realizing that the seeing the rest of Porto Venere without a lens was pretty sweet

What I Remember Eating (aside from the stolen lemon)

Lasagna al pesto
Swordfish al limone
Dolci vino da Cinqueterre
Fried baccala
Fried whitefish
Faccachia with tomato and pesto
Pizza with pesto
Bread with nutella
Crepe with nutella
Blood Orange Juice
Raspberry and Hazelnut Gelato

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