Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Its funny to see pictures of little things around Florence that I took upon my first days being here. I found a picture of a tag (graffiti) of the batman symbol. I thought it was so cool. On my pretty regular walk from school to lunch, I realized that I had been walking by it multiple times a week. I had never noticed it since that one day of exploration.

Also, I was walking by a bar with a friend last night after dinner, and I realized that was the bar I went to with my roommates and some friends the first night we went out. I had actually been there once recently, but I never noticed. I actually verified the connection with the friend who responded, "you didn't know that?"

I think its funny how you can fall into a routine and not notice the little things after a while. This is why I always try to walk a different way to classes and not get into such a routine here. Exploring a bit everyday, or even noticing different details is so important to a longer trip like this.

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