Thursday, April 7, 2011

vestiti - clothing

Okay, what are people doing? I woke up this morning and checked that today has a high of 80. I have a 9am class and realize its not going to be 80 when I walk out the door this morning, so I put on solid black not-too-short shorts, a white tank from express that has strings of black beads around the scoop neckline, a grey blazer and black flats. I wonder if I will be looked up and down by the Florence Fashion Divas, the group of girls who stand outside their school whom I need to walk through to get to mine.

I step outside and see... Jackets? Trench coats? Scarves? Sweaters? I do not understand. Did they not read the weather this morning? On my walk to school, I spot a few other younger people who have tee shirts, some have skirts, but other than this the only other group of people I see dressing true to the weather is tourists. I am not sure about here, but at home, the first day it is 80 degrees is cause for celebration. Bears come out of their holes, lemonade is poured, and women shave their legs.

Lesson learned: people dress seasonally. Instead of checking the weather, they check the date. Apparently April 7 is not means to break out the shorts.

(And if you are wondering the Florence Fashion Divas did do to body scan, I just held my head up and kept walking.)

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