Monday, April 18, 2011

Going h... (I don't even want to say the h-word uhh) home.

People say that you change when you studying abroad. This is because your experience of places you’ve seen, people you’ve met, cultures you immersed yourself in, gave you something you didn’t have before. When you go back home, you see that something in yourself, and see the world you used to live in through different eyes.
Will you appreciate your house more now?
Will you appreciate that friend more now?
Will you give that guy a chance?
Will you delete some contacts from your phone?

Okay, that last one’s a little harsh, but you know what I mean. Studying abroad opens your mind. Some of us came abroad open-minded, but we will leave better still. We might have been open-minded to different people, but experiencing the differences of lifestyles is a whole different ball game. Talking to people from all different points of view, from all over the world, some from the city, some from the country, some from big families, some from no families, some single, some lying… different cultures, lifestyles, ideas, beliefs, morals…

I am definitely going to miss this diversity. The one positive thing about going home? Seeing my little world through these different eyes.

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  1. Yes -- our "melting pot" is full of undisturbed or worse clumped-together pockets. Don't worry -- you've already changed!