Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Convenience and Introspection

Some students here say that they miss the convenience of home. If anything, I am going to miss how convenient life is here. I love the fact that I can walk over to my friend's apartment across the bridge and yell up to her window, asking if she wants to hang out. I am going to miss telling a friend to meet at the Duomo so we can walk to gelato. If I wanted to take a day trip, all I need to do is walk to the train station. Sure, we don't have microwaves, but who needs that? I got popcorn gelato last week. And okay, we don't have dryers, but the drying rack does just fine.

Another thing I didn't realize I'm going to miss so much is the friend's I have made here. I forget that they do not get to come home with me. They have taught me a lot. Its also very easy to be yourself when you are around people from all over the country/world. I think at home, sometimes we can get swayed by the majority, but if we all know we are different, coming from different places, backgrounds, families, I think that its easier to show your true colors to people (not that I am not myself at home, I hope you understand what I mean by that). I think when you are around people who think a certain way too much, anyone would get a little swayed. Surrounding yourself with a new mix of people is like hitting the refresh button.

When you study abroad, you realize not only what your like, seeing yourself in other people, but you also see what your not like. I think this is a very important step in the growing up process.

I'm really going to miss the diversity of personalities, lifestyles, ways of thinking. I like understanding new cultures, seeing how others live, and getting to know new people. This is why I wanted to book a semester in California in the Spring. I'm going to crave a similar experience as soon as I get home.

I also was reminded of what it truly means to be happy, the things that are important to me. So many people here say they miss a lot of things and can't wait to go back to them. Yes, I miss my firepit outside, real breakfasts, and the little things, but truly, all that I miss from home are my grandparents, my parents, my dog, and a handful of my friends. If I could take them all with me traveling, I don't think I would ever stand still.

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