Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I just wanted to remember this right here, and unfortunately, my journal is far so I guess I'll stick to blogging. Tonight, I went out for frozen margaritas with a friend. We ended up at a couple bars then clubbing. I know its a cliche` to say that Italian men are persistent, but tonight was a prime example of it. You can say no, push away, hand gesture, it doesn't matter. Some of them were really cute, some acted nice, some were sleezeballs. That's life though right?

My friend and I got home pretty early in the morning and unfortunately, I can't sleep. I guess I'll be up until the 8am train to Viareggio, the closest beach to Florence. I know the end of this trip is near, but nights like this help me forget and really just enjoy the time I've got.

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